Hiring a taxi for your trips to and from the cruise port

By contacting a taxi or a VTC for your transfer to and from the Marseille cruise port, you benefit from the expertise of a professional. You will be comfortably installed in a well-serviced vehicle that meets your requirements in order to better enjoy the landscape.

If you decide to make the journey on your own, you will be exposed to various risks. Particularly if you are a foreigner, you may get lost. When you travel in a group, finding a vehicle that can ensure your transfer remains a major problem. To solve this problem, entrust your transfer to a private driver. Calling a professional will mitigate the stress related to the journey, your luggage, etc.

Whatever the cruise type is, Taxi Sam guarantees safety throughout the journey from or to your hotel up to your boat. Your private driver company puts at your disposal a wide choice of means of transportation such as a taxi, a VTC, a bus or a minibus in order to best meet your needs.